the beers of 2010: May

July 1, 2010

As I was putting the finishing touches on the June beer list I realized that I  never hit publish on May.  That’s indicative of about how much time I’ve put into maintaining this blog these days. If I had a nickel for every half written rant I had in ‘saved drafts’ right now, I’d have exactly thirty-five cents. One of these days life will slow down a bit.  Onto the beer…

Not a big variation this month. A lot of old favorites as I was staying in a lot after our big move into the new house, which coincided with the Blackhawks playoff run. I was on a big Bell’s Two Hearted kick for a while there during the NHL playoffs, May into June. The Blackhawks were on the way to winning the cup and I enjoyed many Two Hearteds while keeping watch of the games. It was not bad.

May 2010:

Bell’s Oberon
Bell’s Two Hearted IPA
Dogfish Head Aprihop
Flossmoor Station Mick Jaggery English IPA
Founders Red Rye P.A.
Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian IPA
Lagunitas IPA
Magic Hat Wacko
Rogue Captain Sig’s Deadliest Ale
Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Shorts Huma Lupa Licious IPA
Shorts Pandemonium Pale Ale
Shorts Soft Parade
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest Fresh Hop Ale (2010)
St. Bernardus Abt 12
Surly Mild
Three Floyds Alpha King
Three Floyds Blackheart IIPA
Three Floyds Pride & Joy
Three Floyds Gumballhead
Two Brothers The Bitter End Pale Ale
Two Brothers Cane & Ebel

Also, Magic Hat Wacko (made with beet juice) is still terrible. Tried it for the second time in as many years and I’m convinced its one of the worst craft beers in existence. Who in the hell is enjoying this one?


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