the rock i dig the most ’09: intro

January 25, 2010

Every rock geek worth his or her salt compiles some sort of year-end best-of list. I’m no different (with the possible exception of getting around to posting it a month or so into the new year). Though, in recent years, I’ve given up on the whole Top 10/Top 20 type list.  I like different records for different reasons at different times and I’m not about to cut a good record out of my list because I came up with some reason one record is #20 and another is #21. That’s as dumb as rating a record with a fractional numeric score (Pitchfork).

These are simply the records that were released in 2009 that I enjoyed the most.  Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll find the time to ramble on about them a little bit. These won’t necessarily be full-on reviews in as much as they’ll mostly just be a few bits about why I dig the Rock and maybe I’ll end up going off on some interesting tangents.

So, in no particular order, I present the 2009 edition of the Rock I dig the most…

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